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Our New Line of COLD SNAP Cold Weather Gloves Has Arrived

We’ve added new styles to our popular COLD SNAP™ winter glove collection, each designed to provide unique cold weather protection benefits. All feature touchscreen fingertips, warm, 70-gram Thinsulate™ lining, and adjustable hook & loop wrist closures.

If you’re looking for a line of cold weather gloves that can provide the varying levels of protection you need throughout the winter, look no further. This collection has something for everyone.

The new COLD SNAP™ Hi-Vis glove features a waterproof insert and hi-vis accents. It is equipped with touchscreen fingertips, flex knuckles, 70-gram Thinsulate lining, and a convenient hook & look wrist closure to keep out the cold.

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BLOG SERIES: Best Sellers & Secret Weapons

Bob’s Favorite PPE Picks for You

We’re continuing our blog series in which our Industrial Sales Managers recommend a best selling product you shouldn’t go without and one you may be over looking. For this installment of PPE’s Best Sellers & Secret Weapons, we have recommendations from Bob Maners, a Certified Safety Professional with nearly four decades of safety experience.

Bob’s Picks


These disposable coveralls have become more needed than ever with the advent of Covid. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from S-5XL, and styles, without or without attached hoods and boots and with or without elastic wrists and ankles. 

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The Hottest New PPE Products We Launched in 2021

It was a busy year for us. The demand for PPE was stronger than ever and we kept up with new products and updates to favorites. From new cut-resistant gloves to disposable apparel, our new PPE meets the needs of a variety of applications. Check out what you may have missed.

New Additions & Advancements in Hand Protection

Our Newest Cut-Resistant Gloves

Our highly-anticipated MACHINIST® ICE glove hit the market this year. It caps our popular line of MACHINIST gloves by providing cold weather protection. Fortified with ANSI Level A5 cut resistance, this glove is ideal for glass/recycling applications.

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Rockin’ That Catch!

Jimmy Washam Shares with Major League Fishing Fans Why He Wears ROCK FISH Fishing Gloves

Cordova Safety Products and ROCK FISH fishing gloves have been a proud 2021 sponsor of Major League Fishing Pro, Jimmy Washam. This year was one for the record books, as Jimmy grabbed the title win at the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Title Championship and the Toyota Series Central Division and was named Angler of the Year. Fishermen are naturally wondering how he did it – the baits and gear he used, the holes he fished. Recently, Jimmy shared some tips with the Major League Fishing audience, including why he uses ROCK FISH gloves.

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4 Common Types of Disposable Face Masks

Who knew that two years into the Covid epidemic, we would still be wearing masks in so many places? Conditions are still in flux and the demand for disposable face masks is still historically high. With so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy to figure out which mask to use. Let us clear up some of the confusion by reviewing four of the main types of disposable face masks.

First, What Makes a Mask Disposable?

Sure, you can throw anything away, but the difference between disposable face masks and reusable is simply that disposable masks should not be worn more than once. It’s not that they can’t be or that they are not durable. It’s that contaminants cannot be cleaned off the mask, so they can’t be reused. These masks are typically constructed of varying layers of polypropylene, cotton, and polyester.


Our best-selling MACHINIST® cut-resistant gloves provide Precision Performance by addressing the need for strength & durability for a variety of applications. Created with a high-performance, 13-gauge HPPE/Glass or Synthetic fiber shells, they offer longer life and increased dexterity. All MACHINIST® gloves provide at least ANSI level A4 cut protection and ANSI level abrasion & puncture resistance.

So how could they get any better?

MACHINIST Glove Coatings & Applications

MACHINIST machine-knit, cut-resistant gloves are designed with several different palm coatings so there’s a glove for every application. Palm coatings include Sandy Nitrile, Nitrile Foam, Polyurethane (PU), and Crinkle Latex.

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ANSI Glove Ratings

Understanding the ANSI Glove Ratings Used in Hand Protection PPE

How do you know if a high performance glove offers the level of protection needed for a specific application? Will it provide the right level of cut resistance when handling sharp objects? Will it fall apart after a day’s worth of repetitive tasks? To safeguard workers and provide quality assurance, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed standardized glove ratings for cut protection, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and even impact protection.

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Eye Safety – What to Look For in Your Eyewear PPE

Safety eyewear is standard-issue PPE, and yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2000 workers sustain an eye injury every day, a third of which lands them in the ER. More than 100 of these result in days lost from work.

The light at the end of this dark tunnel, however, is that it is also estimated that 90% of these injuries could be avoided. We could go from 2000 injuries/day to 200 if we only wore the right eye protection.

On the Job Versus at Home Eye Injuries

Accidental eye injury is one of the leading causes of visual impairment in the United States. While we know that protective eyewear is a must-have in many work environments, a recent survey by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ocular Trauma revealed the following:

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Polypropylene PPE

An Introduction to Polypropylene Fabric Used in PPE

Polypropylene is frequently found in applications that require disposable personal protection equipment (PPE). But why? What makes it work? In this blog we’ll explore what polypropylene is, the pros and cons of its use, how it’s made, and what PPE is made from it.

What Is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene garments used as PPE are comprised of thin, paper like fibers, but polypropylene is actually a plastic. The polypropylene fabric is formed by bonding these plastic fibers together into one layer of breathable, woven-like material. Not truly woven, it’s spunbonded – a process that bonds the spun fibers together. Polypropylene is one of the most commonly produced plastics in the world, second to polyethylene, and more commonly found in product packaging than in textile production.

The Pros of Polypropylene

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Our Retail Store Programs

Retail-Ready Safety Apparel Programs to Boost ROI

If you’re a retailer looking to add

  • increased value to your stores,
  • a greater selection of product for your customers, and
  • excellent ROI to your bottom line

you’re not alone, and we can help.

We have something unique – safety gloves and apparel. These products have become important now, more than ever, to you, your employees, and your customers. From the necessary disposable items that provide protection from Covid-19 to hi-vis safety gear that keeps motorists safe to internationally recognized brands that are proven sales winners.

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Jimmy Rocked That Catch All the Way to the Title Championship

Cordova Safety Products and Rock Fish fishing gloves has been a proud 2021 sponsor of Major League Fishing Pro, Jimmy Washam. This weekend, his hard work and dedication to the sport paid off big time, as he grabbed the title win at the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Title Championship in Wisconsin. This win follows his Toyota Series Central Division win earlier in the year, and his recent honor of being named Angler of the Year.

Jimmy is the up and comer – the real deal – the one to watch! You can keep track of Jimmy’s progress and learn more about his Championship win on the home page of the Major League Fishing

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Jimmy Washam Wins Angler of the Year

MLF pro, Jimmy Washam, has been Rockin’ that Catch for years, and all the fun and hard work is paying off, as he was recently awarded Angler of the Year in the MLF Toyota Series Central Division.

Jimmy began wearing our ROCK FISH™ gloves before we ever became a sponsor, and they’ve proved lucky for him. Now we’re not claiming that’s why he’s been doing so well, but he won’t be fishing without them any time soon! We proudly sponsor his talent and value his insight into what makes a great fishing glove, which we will use to develop future ROCK FISH gloves.

If you’re local to the Mid-South area, you can meet Jimmy in person this weekend at the St. Jude Bass Classic on Sardis Lake, MS, where he will be an MC. Over 200 boats will be fishing for charity, and it’s going to be a beautiful day to get outside.

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Nitrile Coatings

The Difference Between Nitrile Glove Coatings

With the number of different nitrile glove coatings available, how do you know which is right for you? Flat, Sandy, Foam? Why must it be so complicated? It doesn’t have to be, so let’s make it easy for you.

First, let’s talk about nitrile, in general.

Nitrile is an oil-resistant, synthetic rubber that provides resistance against abrasions, snags, and punctures. Nitrile gloves are available as disposable gloves, supported and unsupported gloves, and machine knit gloves. For this blog, we’ll focus on machine knit, nitrile coated gloves.

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Special Announcement

Our Attendance at the NSC Expo

In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, and out of an abundance of caution, we have decided not to attend the National Safety Congress & Expo in Orlando, FL, this year. We were very excited to be able to see you again and demonstrate our new products in person, but this will need to wait a little longer. We are hopeful the outlook for participating in the 2022 show will be positive.

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NEW! Cut-Resistant Gloves

New Cut Resistant Gloves with Touchcreen Convenience

Now Available! We’ve added three new gloves to our popular Conquest™, Caliber™ & Commander™ lines. These gloves offer varying levels of ANSI cut resistance, different palm coatings for specific applications, and touchscreen fingertips.


With exact fitting and exceptional comfort, our Conquest gloves are Made to Conquer jobs that require a high degree of tactility. Lightweight, seamless shells minimize hand fatigue while providing maximum sensitivity for precision assembly and handling of small parts.

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New Hi-Vis Safety Suspenders for Comfortable & Light, Non-Rated Visibility

Looking for something less bulky than a vest and cooler during summer months for safety? Our new safety suspenders will do the trick.


Our new safety suspenders are lighter and cooler than vests. They are great for applications where non-rated safety protection is needed, such as for event staff and warehousing, even running and cycling.

Available in hi-vis lime (#RB101) or orange (#RB100), they feature a reflective strip across the shoulders and waist, where they are also fully adjustable, so one size fits most.

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New COMMANDER™ Cut-Resistant Gloves + Updates to Favorites

You can Command Protection with our quality line of high-performance, cut-resistant COMMANDER™ gloves. COMMANDER™ gloves are constructed of durable and flexible HPPE/Glass/Steel yarn and provide an ANSI A7 Cut Level. And now we’re excited to announce our newest addition to the collection.

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ROCK FISH Gloves Partners with Major League Fishing Pro Jimmy Washam

Fishing Gloves + Fishing Pro = A Natural Partnership 

ROCK FISH™ gloves by Cordova Safety Products is excited to announce its sponsorship of pro-angler and Mid-South native, Jimmy Washam.



Don Haselwood Named VP Industrial Sales

A Message from Jimmy Garbuzinski, General Manager

To Our Valued Customers:

I am very excited to announce that Don Haselwood has been promoted to Vice President of our Industrial Division and will assume the day-to-day responsibilities effective immediately.


Don Haselwood, VP Industrial Sales

2020 – A Year in Review

No doubt this has been a challenging year, but it made our essential job as a PPE provider more vital than ever before. So, despite the ups and downs, we never stopped providing new PPE products and innovations to keep you safe at work, at home, and in the world.


To meet the tremendous demand for respiratory protection, we began offering four new PPE masks for general hygiene use. These included a KN95-Rated Mask, disposable Ear-Loop Masks for adults and children, and a Protective Face Shield.

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One Year Accident-Free

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS Celebrates 365-Day Safety Record

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS takes the safety of their employees as seriously as the safety products they provide their customers, and the proof is evident. The Warehouse team at CORDOVA SAFETY recently achieved 365 days without accidents or recordable incidents.

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS CEO, Jimmy Garbuzinski, says, “It is a major accomplishment and proves that together we can provide a safe environment for all of our employees, customers, and visitors.”

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New Respiratory & Face Protection

New Respiratory Protection Alternatives for General Purpose Use

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS is now offering two new styles of respiratory protection: a folded KN95-Rated Face mask and a full face shield.


A New Caliber of Glove

Introducing the Caliber-GT™ Glove with TPR Protection & Goatskin Palm

This new CALIBER-GT™ glove from CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS features soft grain goatskin leather with ANSI Cut Level A5 protection.

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You’re Invited!

You’re Invited to the First Ever Global Virtual Environmental, Health & Safety Conference & EXPO!

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS with The Safety Network is a proud sponsor of the first annual Safety Connect Virtual Conference.

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Partnering with the NSC to Help Employees Get Back to Work Safely

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS is proud to be a lead sponsor in supporting the National Safety Council (NSC) SAFER CampaignSAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns is a comprehensive effort aimed at helping employers prioritize safety as they return employees to traditional work environments and schedules post-quarantine.


Bunzl Serving the Needs of Our Communities

Bunzl plc and Bunzl North America are pleased to announce well-deserved contributions to support our communities in their COVID-19 relief and social justice advocacy efforts. Please see below the organizations we are helping to support for their good work in the communities they serve. 

CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) – Provides financial support for food and beverage industry employees with children from anywhere in the U.S. whose families face a health crisis or natural disaster. 

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NEW! COLD SNAP™ Multi-Tubes

Cooling Relief & Weather Protection

The CORDOVA-brand COLD SNAP™ Multi-Tubes are constructed of moisture-wicking and cooling stretch fabric that helps accelerate the cooling process while providing protection from the elements.

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NEW! Hi-Vis Windbreaker

Waterproof & Wind-Resistant Protection

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS brand Reptyle™ hi-vis windbreakers are waterproof and wind-resistant. They feature Ripstop™ polyester fabric for durability and provide reflective shoulders & sleeves for visibility in low light. They also have waist pockets with zippers and adjustable hook & loop cuffs.

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With ROCK FISH Fishing Gloves

See our entire collection from Cordova Safety Products here:

 Call 1-800-458-8763 to speak with a Sales Representative to learn more!
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NEW Parka & Bib Pants

Functional & Warm Hi-Vis Winter Work Gear

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS brand Reptyle™ hi-vis parkas & bib pants are waterproof and wind-resistant, not to mention stylish. They feature double stitched and taped seams for durability and 300 denier polyester shells.


The #PK401 Parka is Type R, Class 3, ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 rated. It features a storm flap, quilted lining, detachable hood, and seven convenient pockets.

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Disposable Ear Loop Face Masks

The Right Way to Wear Them

Disposable ear loop face masks are a convenient and low-cost form of PPE that help to protect yourself, those around you and your environment from potentially harmful contaminants. Whether you’re wearing the mask as a routine hygiene measure in the workplace, or are taking precautions against COVID-19, it’s important to ensure that your face mask is applied and worn properly for safety and maximum effectiveness.

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New Medical-Grade Gloves – CORDOVA SAFETY

New Nitrile Exam Gloves Offer 12-Inch Length Protection

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS now offers black, 12-inch, medical-grade examination gloves. The new CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS-brand Nitri-Cor® Eclipse nitrile examination gloves feature a 6-mil palm thickness and 12-inch length.

The Nitri-Cor® Eclipse examination gloves are powder-free and intended for single-use only.

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New Spray Sock

For Overspray Protection

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS is now offers a 100% cotton painters Spray Sock for protection against overspray.

This Spray Sock/Painters hood is ideal for painting applications where overspray is common. It features surged seams for durability and is Made in the USA . One size fits most.

CORDOVA Donates to Church Health Center – CORDOVA SAFETY

CORDOVA Donates Supplies to Church Health Center to Fight Covid-19

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS recently donated vital safety supplies to the Church Health Center in the fight against the coronavirus.

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