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Machinist 3734ICE Cordova Safety Products

January 13, 2022by Krista Creel

Our BEST Selling PPE Products & the Secret Weapons You Might Be Missing

When looking for PPE solutions for their customers, industrial suppliers often ask us to show them our best sellers. We’ve even developed a web page devoted to our Best Selling PPE products. But along with best sellers, are products that may not be getting the attention they deserve. Those are the ones we call our Secret Weapons. In this blog series, our Industrial Sales Managers share one of their favorite best selling PPE products, along with one they consider a Secret Weapon. We’ll begin with Ben Hurt’s picks.


December 27, 2021by Krista Creel

The Hottest New PPE Products We Launched in 2021

It was a busy year for us. The demand for PPE was stronger than ever and we kept up with new products and updates to favorites. From new cut-resistant gloves to disposable apparel, our new PPE meets the needs of a variety of applications. Check out what you may have missed.


December 21, 2021by Krista Creel
Jimmy Washam Shares with Major League Fishing Fans Why He Wears ROCK FISH Fishing Gloves

Cordova Safety Products and ROCK FISH fishing gloves have been a proud 2021 sponsor of Major League Fishing Pro, Jimmy Washam. This year was one for the record books, as Jimmy grabbed the title win at the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Title Championship and the Toyota Series Central Division and was named Angler of the Year. Fishermen are naturally wondering how he did it – the baits and gear he used, the holes he fished. Recently, Jimmy shared some tips with the Major League Fishing audience, including why he uses ROCK FISH gloves.


December 10, 2021by Krista Creel

4 Common Types of Disposable Face Masks

Who knew that two years into the Covid epidemic, we would still be wearing masks in so many places? Conditions are still in flux and the demand for disposable face masks is still historically high. With so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy to figure out which mask to use. Let us clear up some of the confusion by reviewing four of the main types of disposable face masks.

December 9, 2021by Krista Creel

Our Popular MACHINIST® Cut-Resistant Gloves Are Now Even Better

Our best-selling MACHINIST® cut-resistant gloves provide Precision Performance by addressing the need for strength & durability for a variety of applications. Created with a high-performance, 13-gauge HPPE/Glass or Synthetic fiber shells, they offer longer life and increased dexterity. All MACHINIST® gloves provide at least ANSI level A4 cut protection and ANSI level abrasion & puncture resistance.

So how could they get any better?


November 17, 2021by Krista Creel

Understanding the ANSI Glove Ratings Used in Hand Protection PPE

How do you know if a high performance glove offers the level of protection needed for a specific application? Will it provide the right level of cut resistance when handling sharp objects? Will it fall apart after a day’s worth of repetitive tasks? To safeguard workers and provide quality assurance, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed standardized glove ratings for cut protection, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and even impact protection.


November 11, 2021by Krista Creel

The Differences Between Machine Knit Glove Coatings in PPE

If you’re trying to understand why you should select one glove coating over another to meet your PPE needs, you’re not alone. There are many coatings from which to choose, so how do you determine which one? Well, it depends greatly on the workplace hazard and the applications in which it will be used.


October 22, 2021by Krista Creel

Eye Safety – What to Look For in Your Eyewear PPE

Safety eyewear is standard-issue PPE, and yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2000 workers sustain an eye injury every day, a third of which lands them in the ER. More than 100 of these result in days lost from work.

The light at the end of this dark tunnel, however, is that it is also estimated that 90% of these injuries could be avoided. We could go from 2000 injuries/day to 200 if we only wore the right eye protection.


September 24, 2021by Krista Creel
The Difference Between Nitrile Glove Coatings

With the number of different nitrile glove coatings available, how do you know which is right for you? Flat, Sandy, Foam? Why must it be so complicated? It doesn’t have to be, so let’s make it easy for you.