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MT 100 Multitube Cordova Safety Products

July 9, 2020by Krista Creel
With ROCK FISH Fishing Gloves

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CORE SAFETY PROTECTION: For 25 years, CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS has expertly provided consumer and industrial Core Safety Protection. We are a head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier with over 4500 products and distribution centers in Memphis & California and a member of Bunzl Distribution’s Safety family, a leading supplier in North America.



June 3, 2020by Krista Creel
The Right Way to Wear Them

Disposable ear loop face masks are a convenient and low-cost form of PPE that help to protect yourself, those around you and your environment from potentially harmful contaminants. Whether you’re wearing the mask as a routine hygiene measure in the workplace, or are taking precautions against COVID-19, it’s important to ensure that your face mask is applied and worn properly for safety and maximum effectiveness.



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