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Disposable Ear Loop Facemask at Cordova Safety

June 3, 2020by Krista Creel
The Right Way to Wear Them

Disposable ear loop face masks are a convenient and low-cost form of PPE that help to protect yourself, those around you and your environment from potentially harmful contaminants. Whether you’re wearing the mask as a routine hygiene measure in the workplace, or are taking precautions against COVID-19, it’s important to ensure that your face mask is applied and worn properly for safety and maximum effectiveness.


March 30, 2020by Krista Creel
For Superior Protection Against Hazardous Chemicals

CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS is excited to announce we now offer chemical-resistant rubber Butyl gloves. Made in the USA by Guardian Manufacturing, Butyl gloves offer unmatched protection against hazardous chemicals encountered in agriculture, chemical manufacturing, HAZMAT operations, first response, shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing. 


March 2, 2020by Krista Creel
Made with Cut-Resistant CORDOVA CRX™ Fiber

The NEW CORDOVA-CRX™ high-performance hand protection is designed for those down and dirty jobs that require cut protection, gripping power, and impact protection.  All models feature CORDOVA CRX™ fiber, a next-generation High Performance Polyethylene engineered fiber that provides increased levels of cut resistance and comfort without adding glass or steel fiber.

OGRE CRX-2™, A2: #7760



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