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Cordova Cold Snap Thermo Gloves

November 19, 2019by Krista Creel
Made with Cut-Resistant CORDOVA CRX™ Fiber

The NEW CORDOVA-CRX™ high-performance hand protection is designed for those down and dirty jobs that require cut protection, gripping power, and impact protection.  All models feature CORDOVA CRX™ fiber, a next-generation High Performance Polyethylene engineered fiber that provides increased levels of cut resistance and comfort without adding glass or steel fiber.

OGRE CRX-2™, A2: #7760


November 13, 2019by Krista Creel
How to Select the Right One for the Job

Disposable gloves are a cost-effective way to handle chemicals or biological agents that contaminate your glove. Because the decontamination procedure is fairly complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, it makes sense, to sacrifice durability to avoid it. That’s where disposable gloves come in.


October 31, 2019by Krista Creel
Which One Is Right for You?

Whether you use a hard hat liner for warmth, safety, hygiene, comfort, or all of the above, the right fitting liner can make all the difference. Some hard hat liners can make a hard hat feel more comfortable or can warm your head and neck on a cold day. Others offer cooling relief and sun shade on hot days.

September 17, 2019by Krista Creel
How to Avoid the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Our partners at Safeopedia propose five ways to control workplace hazards and prevent injuries through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2.8 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses were reported in 2017 in the United States. So often, these can be prevented, and Safeopedia shares how, through the proper and effective use of PPE.

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