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October 18, 2018by Krista Creel0

There is a lot of small equipment in a hand to protect. The human hand is made up of 4 fingers + an opposable thumb, 29 bones, 48 nerves, and 34 muscles. Gloves are designed in a variety of different ways to protect those parts.

There are several types of gloves, such as leather, cotton, machine-knit, high-performance, disposable and more. Each is created to address a specific need and level of protection. For example, the hand protection needs and requirements of a farmer or rancher will vary greatly from those of an HVAC technician.


October 17, 2018by Krista Creel

Sometimes you need a glove for one-time use. Maybe you’re painting a fence or servicing a car or maybe you’re in the medical profession. Disposable gloves are the choice for you.

Disposable gloves offer the most tactile sensitivity of any glove. Most disposable gloves are designed for single use, light-duty applications. Available in both medical and industrial/food service grades, most have palm thickness that range from 3 to 15 mil. They are normally powdered, chlorinated, or polymer coated.

The three most common disposable gloves include latex, nitrile and vinyl.


October 4, 2018by Krista Creel

As you may have already guessed, the difference between supported and unsupported gloves lies in the -un.

Supported gloves are made with fabric linings that provide support to a protective outer coating, such as nitrile, latex, neoprene, and PVC. They are made by dipping or cutting and sewing. They are typically used to protect against chemicals, such as those found in painting, stripping, household cleaners, and oils.



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