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Our Popular MACHINIST® Cut-Resistant Gloves Are Now Even Better

Our best-selling MACHINIST® cut-resistant gloves provide Precision Performance by addressing the need for strength & durability for a variety of applications. Created with a high-performance, 13-gauge HPPE/Glass or Synthetic fiber shells, they offer longer life and increased dexterity. All MACHINIST® gloves provide at least ANSI level A4 cut protection and ANSI level abrasion & puncture resistance.

So how could they get any better?


MACHINIST Glove Coatings & Applications

MACHINIST machine-knit, cut-resistant gloves are designed with several different palm coatings so there’s a glove for every application. Palm coatings include Sandy Nitrile, Nitrile Foam, Polyurethane (PU), and Crinkle Latex.


MACHINIST gloves with sandy nitrile coating include 3734TPR3734ICE3734SN. They are ANSI Level 6 rated for Abrasion Resistance, making them ideal for applications that include handling abrasive materials. They are also a good choice for operations involving cutting oils, bottling or canning, recycling, construction, framing, demolition, and oil and gas.

The MACHINIST #3734TPR provides ANSI Level 2 impact protection through the incorporation of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) on the back of the hand.


The MACHINIST #3734ICE was created for cold weather applications and features two-layer nitrile coating and thermal, brushed acrylic, interior liner. It’s also the only glove in the collection that offers ANSI Level A5 cut resistance, which is just a notch above A4. What does this extra level of protection mean? Download our ANSI Glove Standards Guide to learn more.


The best-selling machine knit glove, MACHINIST #3734, features foam nitrile, which provides excellent grip in dry, wet, or oily applications. This makes it a great glove for machining operations using cutting oils.


The #3734SN provides a reinforced thumb crotch for the added durability required in repetitive tasks.


The #3734PU glove provides polyurethane palm coating, which is great for materials handling and assembly due to being light, durable, extremely flexible, and strong.


The 3734NR features crinkle latex palm coating, which makes this glove ideal for bottling/canning operations, glass handling, and recycling operations. Crinkle latex coating is relatively thick but has good flexibility and tensile strength.


If you’d like to learn more about the differences between glove coatings, download our guide to MACHINE KNIT GLOVE COATINGS. You can also download our MACHINIST Gloves flyer.

MACHINIST Gloves Now Feature Touchscreen

Aside from minor color changes we made to these gloves, the big news is that now most MACHINIST gloves feature touchscreen fingertips for added convenience in the field. This is incredibly helpful and useful when using laptops, touchscreen computers, mobile phones and iPads.

The new touchscreen feature excludes only two models: 3734ICE & 3734NR.

woman wearing safety glassesDid You Know? The MACHINIST Brand Is More Than Just Gloves.


We also have a MACHINIST cut-resistant sleeve to provide protection beyond the hand. Created with Ruby-Cut fiber, an innovative High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) fiber that is finer and stronger than traditional HPPE, it provides a highly dexterous, lighter weight sleeve with an ANSI A4 cut level.


New to the scene are our MACHINIST-brand safety glasses. Available in different styles and lenses, they are a lower-cost alternative to similarly styled safety glasses.

Machinist Eyewear


If you have additional questions or need help selecting the right MACHINIST product for your application and work environment, we invite you to contact us. You can also Request a Quote or Request a Sample.


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