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New ROCK FISH™ Fishing Gloves - Cordova Safety

May 3, 2019by Krista Creel
New Fishing Gloves Designed to Rock That Catch!

Cordova Safety Products is excited to announce the launch of a new line of fishing gloves designed to help fishing enthusiasts Rock That Catch!

Packaged for retail sale, ROCK FISH™ gloves are available in seven styles and colors to address a variety of fishing applications, including these below.

ROCK FISH Fish Baiter™
Fish Wrangler Glove
ROCK FISH Fish Wrangler™
Rock Fish Fish Fillet'er glove
ROCK FISH Fish Fillet’er™

















Easily tie bait and reel ‘em in with the FISH BAITER™ fingerless gloves. Handle your fish without worrying about it slipping through your fingers with the tactile FISH WRANGLER™ gloves. Keep your hands dry and warm in cold weather with the FISH WRANGLER THERMO™ gloves, and more!

The retail-friendly ROCK FISH™ glove line offers essential protection for every fisherman, from fishing pro to weekend water warrior. So, what are you waiting for? Cast away today!


Go here to see our entire line of ROCK FISH™ fishing gloves. Download the flyer.

Call the Retail Division at 800-458-8763 for pricing and programs.

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