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Cooling Band, Cold Snap™, Gray: #CB500

The CORDOVA-brand Cold Snap™ Cooling Bands are comprised of super-absorbent PVA fabric that accelerates the cooling process. Simply soak with water, wring out excess, and snap & shake to activate the cooling process. Designed to wear around the neck, Cold Snap™ Cooling Bands stay cold for hours. They relieve heat stress through an evaporation process. When the band begins to dry, simply wet and reuse. When finished, store the band in the Cold Snap™ storage tube for future use.

  • Treated with anti-microbial agent to prevent mildew & odor
  • Machine or hand-wash, air dry
  • One band per plastic storage tube
  • Size: 29.5″L x 4″H


Cooling Relief Brochure


CB500 Spec Sheet


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