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Which Glove Is Right for You? - Cordova Safety

October 18, 2018by Krista Creel0

There is a lot of small equipment in a hand to protect. The human hand is made up of 4 fingers + an opposable thumb, 29 bones, 48 nerves, and 34 muscles. Gloves are designed in a variety of different ways to protect those parts.

There are several types of gloves, such as leather, cotton, machine-knit, high-performance, disposable and more. Each is created to address a specific need and level of protection. For example, the hand protection needs and requirements of a farmer or rancher will vary greatly from those of an HVAC technician.

Let’s run down the list of some of four of the most popular types of gloves and how they are used: Leather, Machine Knit, Activity/Impact, and Cotton.


Leather gloves are the most popular glove on the market and have been used for decades. Generations of U.S. workers, cowboys, ranchers and sports players have used leather gloves. The design of the typical leather driver and leather palm glove has changed little through the years. Why fix what ain’t broke, right?

THEN – 1940 Sears & Roebuck Catalog Split Leather Glove
NOW – Cordova Safety Products Split Leather Glove

There are several different types of leathers, such as cowskin, pigskin, goatskin, and deerskin, and several types of cuts/grades of leather.

Today’s leather gloves are used in carpentry, construction, farming, landscaping, material handling, roofing, and much more.

Machine Knit Gloves

Machine-knit gloves offer a stretchable nylon/spandex seamless shell that conforms to hands for an exact fit and exceptional comfort. They are available with or without a variety of coatings designed to enhance grip and durability.

Factory Machine Knit Glove Coatings

Machine knit gloves are used in a variety of applications, from automotive maintenance to cleaning and landscaping and much more. They are available in 7-18 gauge shells and are a great leather replacement. They are comfortable, breathable and easy to launder and reuse.

Cordova Safety Products Machine Knit Shell with Coating

Activity-Impact Gloves

Impact and Activity gloves conform to the natural contour of the hand, offering a snug fit for excellent dexterity and comfort. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including construction, fork lift operation, mechanics services, box handling, and truck driving.

Cordova Safety Products OGRE-KV Glove

Cordova Safety Products-brand impact gloves feature added dorsal protection on the back of the hand via thermoplastic rubber (TPR ) protectors and include OGRE™ and Colossus™ brand gloves. The activity glove line is designed for general purpose use and features Pit Pro™.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Molds

Generally, these gloves are cut and sewn, but they can also be machine knit. They may also include spandex, nylon, TPR, hook & loop closures, and foam padding.

Cotton Gloves

Jersey, chore, canvas, and terry cotton gloves are all-purpose, light- to medium-duty gloves. Some of the most common applications for these gloves include farming, gardening, landscaping, painting, and roofing. Some cotton gloves are equipped with grip dots for extra gripping power and others, such as hot mills, offer good heat resistance.

Cotton Canvas Material Up Close

The light weight models are used primarily just to keep the hands clean, where the heavier-weight models may be layered for cold protection or more heavy-duty use in dirtier applications.

Cordova Safety Products Canvas Glove with Dots

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