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March 2, 2020by Krista Creel
MT 100 Multitube Cordova Safety Products
Made with Cut-Resistant CORDOVA CRX™ Fiber

The NEW CORDOVA-CRX™ high-performance hand protection is designed for those down and dirty jobs that require cut protection, gripping power, and impact protection.  All models feature CORDOVA CRX™ fiber, a next-generation High Performance Polyethylene engineered fiber that provides increased levels of cut resistance and comfort without adding glass or steel fiber.

OGRE CRX-2™, A2: #7760

OGRE CRX-3™, A3: #7755
OGRE CRX-4™, A4: #7750

Another unique feature of our NEW OGRE-CRX gloves is the super-flexible, Ultrasonic-Welded thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protectors. Ultrasonic welding occurs when high-intensity sound waves are used to permanently bond the TPR protectors to the high-performance shells.  Traditional sewn-on TPR can be bulky and can restrict the stretch and full extension of the fingers.  Traditional, heat-applied TPR can actually reduce the physical properties of a glove as the heat levels required for bonding can exceed the melting temperatures of some high-performance fibers.  Our Ultrasonic Welded TPR is soft and comfortable and can withstand up to 10 washes without delaminating.

OGRE-CRX gloves are available in three gauges/weights to provide varying degrees of cut resistance and durability:

  • 13-Gauge ANSI Cut Level A4
  • 15-Gauge ANSI Cut Level A3
  • 18-Gauge ANSI Cut Level A2.

All models meet ANSI Impact Level 1 and include durable sandy nitrile coatings that are touchscreen compatible and safe for food contact.

OGRE-CRX gloves protect against a wide-range of hazards including those found in construction (framing, wiring, demolition), the petrochemical industry, masonry work, and materials handling (bricks, metals, rebar, lumber).

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